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Welcome on Zen Passion Radio.

We offer to listen a free radio with many musics for relaxation, anti-stress, stress management, relaxation, wellness, wellness and  for meditation.

There's no ad on our radio and we won't have. So please, consider about making a little gift on our papypal account and help the radio to stay alive.

Thanks a lot.

About us
Once I was asked if I was a member of a sect or if  I tried to "sell" religion with the radio

I laughed a lot because the only objective is to offer the relaxing music to the listeners. That is the only goal of this radio.

So enjoy the music.

What's mean meditation ?
Meditation has been used to designate a variety of practices that differ enough from one another. So to be honnest it's hard to give only one answer. 

But on Zen Passion Radio,  we think it is above all the way to focus on yoursel  after something wrong in your life, a tough day or simply to rest with a normal fatigue. We all need to be relax in a world more and more though, more and more crazy.

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